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Payment and Other Important Information:
*Verifiable Full Name and corresponding Email are Required, and must include a minimum offer of $2500 USD 
to receive a response.  All others are treated as spam.
*If you are a re-seller, reach out from the respective forum platform.
*Those using fake names, throwaway email address, unverifiable information, etc; will be treated as spam.
*This is a Make Offer Forum, not request a price forum. Price requests and general price inquiries will 
no longer receive a response.
*For Best Results, always submit your absolute Best Offer up front. Aggressive offers have a far greater chance 
of outright acceptance, compared to lower end, bottom-line, or basic minimum offers.
*Offer Submissions are Binding if accepted, as are Buy-It-Now transactions. No returns, refunds, or buyers remorse.
  A) Any attempt, at any time, to defraud, steal, charge-back, etc; will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
  B) All sales on all names are final. No exceptions. Absolutely no returns or refunds offered, implied, or accepted.
  C) By placing an offer, and/or making a purchase, you confirm you are above 18 years of age, and you have read 
      and agree to, everything listed herein.
  D) Name will push from seller's Godaddy account to buyer's Godaddy within 24 hours of receiving cleared payment.
       1) Please ensure you include your Godaddy account push details with your payment, or by email contact.
       2) If you do not have a Godaddy account, it is quick, free, and easy to sign up. Simply visit
       3) If you prefer to transfer away from GD, auth code may be available, with Prior Arrangements Only.
*Transactions, especially escrow, are typically quick, smooth, and give buyer near immediate control of the name.
*Payments are accepted via Buyer-Paid Escrow, using safe, secure, which is our preferred method.
  A) Other payment methods may be accepted, such as, Sedo, GoDaddy, Afternic, possibly others, etc.
  B) Alternate payment methods may be accepted with prior arrangements, and may be subject to third party fees.
  C) Third party fees are charged by that service, such as Sedo, Godaddy, etc; and are in addition to the sale price.
*Names Not listed here are typically Not for sale, and are slated for specific project usage. However, we may still 
choose to entertain aggressive offers for said domain name/s. Inquire within.
*General prices listed or offered are subject to change at any time, without notice, unless in an active negotiation.
*Responses are not a guarantee, even when meeting the minimum criteria for a response. Sometimes things happen 
and emails are not received. If you do not receive a response within a few days, simply resubmit your offer. Ensure
you meet all the minimum criteria required to receive a response. Additionally, check your email spam folder.
*All spam, scam, and fake offers are traced, logged, and reported. Fraud may be reported to IC3, local authorities.
*Names Only - Absolutely No email, hosting, website, renewal, and/or anything else offered, implied, or included.
**No photos, text, or content of any kind, may be copied from this site without expressed written consent.

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